Georgia Faith Community
Nurses Association

Nominee Ballot for Open Board Positions

Term: 2019-2020


Denise Gates-Baker, MSN, RNC-TNP, OCN

Denise was appointed to fill the vacated treasurer’s position in the summer of 2018, and has agreed to run for the position as an elected candidate for the next term. Denise makes you joyful just being around her; in fact, if you need a lift, just listen to the voicemail message on her phone and you will be blessed! Denise has lots of experience doing financials both in business and for her church, so this position was a great fit for her skill set.

Denise jumped right in to help get GFCNA finances in the 21st century, establishing online banking to make deposits promptly from home. She works in tandem with the GFCNA secretary to make sure payments are accurately processed, whether for educational meetings or for memberships.


Michael Covington MSA, BSN, RN, FCN, NEA-BC

Michael is seeking a second term as a Director of the Georgia Faith Community Nurses Association. Michael has been part of the Health Professional ministry at his church for 10 years and an ordained minister since 2015. He completed the Gwinnett Medical Center FCN as course in 2014. Michael is a member of the Wellstar Congregational Nurse Network, a certified Nurse Executive Advanced and BLS instructor, and works as an evening Nurse Supervisor at the Atlanta VA Medical Center.

Michael enjoys thinking of new ways to market the specialty of Faith Community Nursing, and finding new opportunities for those in our specialty.

Michael is happily married. He and his wife have two children. He loves the beach. His passion is mentoring young nurses, because he loves being a nurse and a strong advocate for the profession.

Cherie Fletcher BSN, RN

Cherie has been an active Director since January, 2017 and is delighted to continue her service to GFCNA if elected. Cherie’s passion is to see awareness of Faith Community Nursing grow in Georgia. She has presented an introduction of Faith Community Nursing to two different congregations this year, with two more presentations scheduled, and originated the Powerpoint on the GFCNA website that other members can use to share FCN with other groups.

Cherie is en route to helping her daughter with grandchildren, as her son-in-law is active duty military and recently deployed. Cherie and her husband are having a great time on their cross-country trek.

Pamela Green, RN

Pamela “backed into” nursing as a natural result of her love of helping people. She first got a degree in Psychology, then a Masters in Gerontology and began working with a visiting nurse in a Medicare-based program. The desire to really know what was wrong with her patients was the impetus to send her back to school.

Her love in nursing has been hospice from the beginning, and she found herself using those skills in the care of her parents, who both died in 2013. She retired from full time work, but continues to serve in a local medical clinic weekly, plus serving in her own congregation.

Pamela and her husband raised 4 children, and have been richly rewarded by the arrival of six grandchildren (with hopes of more to come!)

Pamela is excited to offer her time and experience as a Director for GFCNA.

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